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September 04 2014


American Freethought Podcast 207 – Ark Encounter Still Afloat

In Virginia, the fight for marriage equality surges on despite being put on hold by the Supreme Court, while Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter continues to aim for a share of taxpayer dollars. These are this week’s headlines brought to you by hosts John Snider and David Driscoll in their no-nonsense humanist podcast American Freethought.


August 22 2014


CDC Kidtastics Podcast: Leap into Fall!


How much physical activity is your child getting everyday? According to the CDC Kidtastics Podcast, children and adolescents need at least 1 hour of regular exercise

August 19 2014


BFM Podcast: International Biztalk


In today’s episode of the BFM Podcast, The Morning Run crew shares their views on today’s top stories in business:

- Thousands protest pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong
- Property developer China Vanke profits are up 5.6% despite unstable industry
- Scotland examines uncharted oil and gas prospects, before referendum is issued
- Argentina bondholders appeal debt payment freeze
- Telecom Italia bids $9.4B for GVT
- UK Fraud Office’s upcoming decision to ex-Bankers over Qatari payments

August 12 2014


Rationally Speaking Podcast 114: Massimo and Julia Go Freestyle

In the 114th of Rationally Speaking podcast, hosts Massimo Pigliucci and Julia Galef pull out all the stops to treat you to an unstructured discussion. That means you’ve got free-flowing conversation about whatever comes to mind.


July 30 2014


Comical Podcast #30: Falling Down!

In the latest episode of the hilarious Comical Podcast, hosts Justin, Miguel, and heather are joined by Joe Eisma, who discusses his book, Morning Glories. They also review the best books they’ve read this week, and Miguel shares funny stories about hitting the ground.


July 23 2014


Booked. Podcast 213: Burnt Tongues

For several years now I’ve enjoyed Chuck Palahniuk’s writings, and even more, his ideas and insights on the human condition. So when his newest release, Burnt Tongues, was discussed in this latest episode of Booked. Podcast, I was thrilled.


July 22 2014


Marco Arment’s New Overcast Podcast Player App is Now Out

Podcast lover and developer Marco Arment has launched his newest podcast player called Overcast. It’s basically a fast and responsive podcast player that allows you to tweak your favorite podcasts to enhance your listening experience.


July 21 2014


Seanwes Podcast #092: 4 Keys to Growing an Audience When You Feel Like You’re Not Getting Recognition

What do you do when your audience just won’t seem to grow no matter what you do?

July 20 2014


The 60-Second Podcast: Headbanging Risks

We know how awesome Lemmy Klimister is, but a 50-year-old Motörhead fan went overboard with his appreciation and headbanged to the point that caused bleeding in his brain, which needed surgery.


July 15 2014


The 404 Podcast #1,523: Where We Paint It Vantablack

The phrase ‘blacker than black’ is now a reality, thanks to the scientists who developed Vantablack. Vantablack is a nanotech fabric that’s supposedly the darkest material ever manufactured, and is “is revolutionary in its ability to be applied to lightweight, temperature-sensitive structures such as aluminium whilst absorbing 99.96 percent of incident radiation, believed to be the highest-ever recorded.”


July 14 2014


The HanselMinutes Podcast: Exploring The Bionic Pancreas

The Bionic Pancreas is the name of an app that helps with monitoring blood glucose levels of Type 1 diabetes patients. When it detects fluctuation at a certain level, it sends an alert to the patient’s or caregiver’s iPhone or iPad, which also activates dispensers for insulin and glycogen that administrate the hormones into the patient’s body.



Women’s Hour Daily Podcast: Keira Knightly & Triathlons

Keira Knightly, a pop star? In this weekend episode of BBC’s Women’s Hour Daily Podcast, she shares her views on her latest movie Begin Again, singing on screen, as well as her marriage.


July 10 2014


TheSixthAxis Podcast 146: Comics, Resogun Heroes and Watch Dogs

Kris and Lewis are co-hosted by Kris’ brother Carl, who’s standing in for regular co-hosts Peter and Kev. In this episode of TheSixthAxis Podcast, they talk about Watch Dogs, Resogun Heroes, Batman Eternal, Futures End, and Earth 2: World’s End, which launches in October.


July 02 2014


Nature Podcast 6-26-2014: Nuclear Weapons, Science & Romance, and Solar Cell Tech

Ever wonder what it would take for the US government to safely dismantle a nuclear weapon without divulging its actual structure?


June 27 2014


Listen to Scientific American Podcast: Cool Kids, Short Shelf Life

Were you a cool kid back in high school? If not, then you may be luckier than you thought.

In this episode of Scientific American’s 60-Second Science Podcast, host Erika Beras shares with us her findings on how cool kids in adolescence have a greater chance of adopting risky behavior as they grow older.



Listen to The Four Bros Experience Podcast #2: Cooks, Deuces, and Scotes

What superpower will make you the biggest ladies’ man? So you are asked in this week’s episode of The Four Bros Experience Podcast, as hosted by Matt, Alex, Jon, and now the fourth bro, Joel (I hope I got that right).


June 26 2014


Listen to Point of Inquiry Podcast: Marlene Zuk on Paleofantasies

It may have begun with the Paleo diet craze, where modern-day humans are strongly urged to return to our supposed evolutionary roots to lead a healthier lifestyle well away from our highly processed food diets. But is it really sound health advice to dish out to humans, to retrace our steps millions of years back? Biologist and behavioral ecologist Dr. Marlene Zuk discusses the possible myths and delusions surrounding this on this week’s episode of Point of Inquiry Podcast.


June 24 2014


Super Joystiq Podcast 101: Destiny Alpha, Titan Souls, and Indie Pubs

Now that E3 2014 is finished, the guys over at Super Joystiq Podcast recap their personal picks from the show. In this week’s episode, hosts Ludwig, Richard, Alexander, and Jess discuss Destiny Alpha, Titan Souls, how the field is shifting for independent publishers, and issues surrounding early access on gaming, plus a conversation touching on indie pubs.


June 23 2014


EarthEats Podcast: Homebrewing, Tea, and Hemp


In this week’s episode of EarthEats Podcast, producer and host Annie Corrigan tackles Upland homebrewers as they battle it out in the local UpCup home brew competition, making tea sandwiches with Chef Daniel Orr, and the still-controversial hemp movement in the US.

June 17 2014


The Four Bros Podcast #1: Extrema Aguilera

More and more often I’m growing tired of people trying so damn hard to be deep and profound all the time. It’s so fricken pretentious. This is why I enjoyed the the pilot episode of The Four Bros Podcast so much, being a refreshing dose of good-humored randomness.


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